Music “ORO COLATO” – issue n.3

“ORO COLATO” – issue n.3

Emanuele D'Angelo

We’re back, after bingeing this vacation season.
We are back exceptionally on Monday with the last update of the year, selecting as always those precious traces that have struck us flat and kept us company during these vacations.

Always reminding you that “ORO COLATO” is truth, absolute and undisputed certainty we start this our last special selection with Christmas flavor.

Be careful not to take our words for “oro colato

  • What can I say, we had forgotten about Calcutta’s beautiful voice in the first place. And finally he’s back with Franco 126, a sad piece in some ways, but wonderful.
  • They say that you never forget your first record. Luna Park is the new EP by Don Said, for you we have chosen Dance of the Xs.
  • He’s finally back, he fooled us with his first album. Here he is again Tutti Fenomeni with his new single produced by Contessa.
  • A single that is history, impossible that you missed the new single of Gue born from the collaboration with IUTER. A piece that is history and takes us back a few years.
  • As always, there is also room for newcomers. Menomale is the first single by Cagiva for Asian Fake, an artist to keep an eye on.
  • In this 2020 there is also room for Coldplay who are back (finally) with their “Flags”.
  • Hoping that every day can be a good day, we would like to point out a special release, released just for Christmas. The new track by SZA is Good Days.
  • Chris Nolan has gathered a squadron around him. Euforia is out with the participation of Tedua, Aiello, Madame, and Birthh
  • No need for words or great presentation, the song speaks for itself. Ladies and gentlemen, the new single of Tobi Lou.
  • Feel like going wild? Don’t worry, Four Tet will take care of it with his new mystical album Parallel.
  • His Rope Lose yourself in the dark sounds of Burial. Have a good trip!
  • We leave you with a track with a Christmas flavor, Second Chance by Johnny 2 Phones.
  • We close with the return of Eminem without warning anyone. Rhymes on rhymes sharp as a knife, the side B of his album is out from December 18.

Just for you fearless ones who decided to read the whole article, here’s a little unmissable treat released just today exclusively on Soundcloud. “Alla fine del sogno” is the unexpected gift from i Cani.
Is it a comeback? Who knows.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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