Art Year In Search, all the whys we searched on Google in 2020

Year In Search, all the whys we searched on Google in 2020

Giulia Pacciardi

One of the typically human characteristics is to want to know the whys.
We begin as children when things become clearer and clearer, but still difficult to understand, and we don’t end up as adults when the reasons why certain things happen become fundamental to moving forward.
Not everything has an answer, but there is a place where we can at least try to find one, and since 1997 it has been Google, which, as it does every year, has collected in a video the most frequently asked questions from users all over the world.

In a year like this one, characterized by events that have disrupted our daily lives, it was not difficult to expect many questions on the most difficult and exciting moments of which we have been protagonists or spectators, but some curiosity that goes beyond the most discussed topics of this 2020 is fortunately there (why is Mars red? Why is the Moon pink? Why is Parasite so good?).

Among the many questions about Covid-19 and its many victims, the big fires in Australia, the protests that started in America after the death of George Floyd and went around the world, the disappearance of important personalities such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman, people also wondered why empathy and democracy are important, why we always find the strength to continue, how we still manage to win when the world shows us how difficult it can be, and above all, why do people dream?

A video, and a website entirely dedicated to all the trends of 2020, which tells us about our year, showing us images that we might not have had such a strong desire to see again, but also all the good things that happened while we couldn’t sleep, while we looked hopefully for a way out, while the negative news won out over the world which, however, went on.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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