Find out how to participate in Bobbito’s FC 21 ALL WORLD

If you play basketball, or you’re convinced you can, Bobbito’s FC 21 ALL WORLD is the challenge you’ve been waiting for.
Born in the streets and basketball court of New York City, Full Court 21 is the latest trend in individual basketball. There are no teammates, just you and 5 defenders to dribble to get to the basket.
If you can’t, anyone who touches the ball will automatically turn into the attacker and his goal will be to score, go to the top of the bezel and score more points.

The winner is the first to score 21 points, all under the watchful eye of legendary Bobbito Garcia, whose influence on streetball, sneaker culture, and hip hop is unprecedented.

Bobbito invented Full Court 21 to introduce the world to the authenticity of New York streetball and now calls Europe to participate in his game. 

After Milan, the city that opens the European tour, there will be Paris, Barcelona and Berlin, the top-ranked 18+ men’s and women’s categories will then fly to NYC for the world final of FC21 ALL WORLD.

Sign up now to participate in the training session of April 12 and the challenge of April 13 at Parco Robinson, Via Spezia, 20142 Milan.
Good luck!


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