Art MiraRuido’s collages between past, present and future

MiraRuido’s collages between past, present and future

Emanuele D'Angelo
MiraRuido |

Today we take you for a walk in a unique world made of unknown universes and retro aesthetics, a very strange combination, but this is the imaginary cleverly built by Joseba Elorza in art MiraRuido.

“I studied to become a sound engineer and then spent a couple of fruitless years in art school. It was out of all this synesthetic hodgepodge that MiraRuido was born; I would spend my mornings as a sound technician at a radio station and my evenings working on collages.”

And what does “MiraRuido” mean? It is the union of two Spanish words: “Mira” and “Ruido” which respectively mean looking and noise and from this sort of oxymoron his complicated and extravagant collages start.

Joseba Elorza creates worlds that don’t yet exist, or maybe they do, her creations straddle the line between past and future. The result is something surprising, that while taking elements from different eras manages to be almost plausible and always well balanced.

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Between old photos of the past and large photos of the planets, here are all the works of the Spanish artist MiraRuido who will be able to bewitch you at first glance with his collages between past, present and future.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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