Design Pocket, the console for playing and making music
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Pocket, the console for playing and making music

Emanuele D'Angelo

A portable handheld with multi-video-game system. A digital audio workstation with integrated synthesizer and sequencer.
Pocket is all this, perfect for video game lovers but also and above all for those who want to make music.

With a retro design very similar to the first Gameboys designed by Nintendo, the small console designed by Analogue has a 3.5″ Gorilla® Glass LCD screen with a resolution of 1600×1440 px.

The console is also compatible with the Game Boy’s Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance game cartridge library.
Pocket also works with cartridge adapters for other portable systems. Such as Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx.

It also has a built-in digital audio station called Nanoloop, a synthesizer and sequencer. Also designed for music creation and live performance, it creates shape, stretch and morph sounds.

Yesterday, the day of its launch, it literally sold out after just a few minutes.

Designproduct design
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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