Design The houses of movies and TV series in Polly Pocket version

The houses of movies and TV series in Polly Pocket version

Giulia Guido

Born in 1983 from an idea by Chris Wiggs, Polly Pocket and her small house have literally made millions of children fall in love. In addition, thanks to the success obtained, Polly’s bedroom has been declined in different versions, from summer to winter, more characters have been added until the nice character landed on TV becoming both a movie and a series. 

Although the game produced by Mattel today seems perfect as it is, the creatives of TheToyZone, a website specializing in toy reviews, believe that to become truly unbeatable in the world of Polly Pocket something is missing: the collaboration with other popular brands. According to TheToyZone, Mattel should copy LEGO and start making limited editions that are impossible to resist. 

In addition to giving this little advice, the creatives of the site, helped by graphic designer Jan Koudela, have also thought of real examples. 
Thus, 6 of the most famous houses that appeared on television or in the cinema have been redesigned in Polly Pocket version.     

Every detail has been taken care of in a maniacal way: in the house of Byers by Stranger Things there are colored lights, the one that reproduces Monica’s apartment in Friends is obviously of the same lilac of the entrance door, the closure of Casa Baggins could not but be a ring. And again, Homer is ready to welcome us in his small villa, while the Overlook Hotel and the Casa dei Tenenbaum have a perfect division of floors. 


Hopefully, after this experiment, Mattel will start to make some collaborations and bring characters from books, movies and TV series into the small world of Polly Pocket! 

Written by Giulia Guido
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