Art Poster: Ginnika and adidas share underground stories
Artstreet culture

Poster: Ginnika and adidas share underground stories

Giulia Guido

If there is someone who has always been looking for underground stories, it’s certainly the guys at Ginnika who, with a new and powerful project, have decided to find the most extraordinary ones and share them with us.

Lots of Stories, a comfortable couch, a friend to talk to.

Poster“, this is the name of the format, has seen Ginnika working closely with the brand that par excellence has always been able to capture the essence of underground cultures, adidas.

The project is developed in 5 video interviews, 5 episodes each dedicated to a different character who will tell stories and anecdotes to shed light and reveal what is hidden behind some subcultures more or less known.

Yesterday was released the first episode starring Cristian Brodosi, with whom we talked about cheering and what it means to be an ultras, but keep following Ginnika’s Instagram profile not to miss the next appointments with FhateOff, Frenetik, Scarful and Hube.

100% lived life told with ironic candor.

“Poster” is nothing but a collection of short stories, of true tales that aim to make us discover underground stories that like our idols deserve a poster on the wall of our bedroom.

Artstreet culture
Written by Giulia Guido
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