Style Prada Spring/Summer 2021 – The Show That Never Happened

Prada Spring/Summer 2021 – The Show That Never Happened

Andrea Tuzio

Yesterday the first Milano Digital Fashion Week began and Prada presented the Spring/Summer 2021 collection with a digital show called “Prada Multiple Views, the show that never happened”, in which 5 of the most esteemed international photographers and videomakers gave vision to the fashion house’s thought.

A new and necessary concept of simplicity, radical purity, precision as an antidote to complexity in this moment of fragility that hides a quiet force manifested through firmness in joy.

“When times become complex, clothes become simple, not ostentatious, machines for living and tools for action and activity. In all honesty I think – added Miuccia Prada in a note – that our job as fashion designers is to create clothes for people. This is really the value of our work, creating beautiful and intelligent clothes. This season we have focused on this idea: putting clothes at the centre and giving value to the garments. The clothes are simple but with the concept of simplicity as an antidote to unnecessary complication. This is a moment that requires a certain seriousness, a moment to think and reflect on things. What do we do, what is fashion for, what are we here for? What is the contribution that fashion can make to the community?”.

Willy Vanderperre, Juergen Teller, Martine Syms, Joanna Piotrowska and Terence Nance have made 5 short films that tell the new simplicity desired by Miuccia in this new collection, five different looks for a single vision, multiple dialogues, 5 chapters for a single great story.

Willy Vanderperre

“Prada evolves and changes every season, this season, the part we were shooting and filming felt like an honest collection. Stripped from fashion ideas, which turns that idea into fashion again. It also felt introspective and slightly schizophrenic. A look into the past with the future ahead. I hope that the audience feels that in the movie, a distilled pure and honest presentation of the collection”.

Juergen Teller

“It was an honor to be asked to photograph and film Miuccia‘s last collection. I thought the men and women looked beautiful, elegant, and modern. I enjoyed looking at Miuccia‘s vision and trying to make sense of it as honestly and directly as possible”.

Joanna Piotrowska

“Gesture and physicality are essential non-verbal forms of communication and play a big role in the conceptual and compositional aspects of my work. The finger snap is a quick and subtle, yet attention-demanding action. It is also used to indicate approval or to maintain rhythm. I thought that this short could be an interesting space to work with the snap as a recurring motif that marks the movements and refocuses the viewer’s attention to each new look”.

Martine Syms

“The video is a collage of multiple formats and features iterative, repetitive movements intercut with beautiful people staring at images of themselves on monitors and screens in Milan and in my studio in Los Angeles. Since the collection pieces have a ’60s feeling to them, I tried to include several references to cinema culture and surveillance/sousveillance from that time period and the present. I’m inspired by the way screens have come to make and unmake us—and what it means to be living, breathing, moving, fleshy things in a world full of them”.

Terence Nance

“The film that came through was born of speed and play; I have no words through which to decode what the meaning is and was and will be, but it may be about time—and keeping your organs in that vessel we call a body while it contorts itself to love each second as it goes bye-bye”.
Written by Andrea Tuzio
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