Photography Tom Leighton, the charm of cities in the dark of night

Tom Leighton, the charm of cities in the dark of night

Giulia Guido

What happens in the streets of big cities when the sun goes down and darkness covers everything? What happens to crowded squares, offices, shops? Luckily for us there are those who at night, instead of resting and sleeping, leave home and, fascinated by the spectacle that comes to life when the lights go out, start taking pictures. Tom Leighton is an English artist, photographer and printmaker who has been travelling the world for years, from London to Hong Kong, in search of views and scenarios to photograph. 

Deeply fascinated by urban environments, Tom Leighton works almost always at night, photographing the deserted streets, the buildings that lose their purpose and become imposing monoliths, the luminous signs that seem suspended between the earth and the sky. 

Among his works, what captured our attention the most are the two photographic series taken in Tokyo. The Japanese capital has more than 9 million inhabitants, but in Tom Leighton’s shots it appears almost deserted, it seems to have been abandoned by everyone. 

So, without all those people crowding the city during the day, the photographer’s eye can rest on the details, the shapes of the buildings, the views, the symmetries, inviting us to rediscover these urban landscapes with him. 

“Leighton asks us to reconsider our cities, what they are and what they might become.”

We have selected only some of his photographs, but to discover all the projects of Tom Leighton visit his website, his Instagram profile and his Behance page. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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