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The Ultimate Guide to Quiet Luxury

Anna Frattini

Following the conclusion of Milan Fashion Week, discussions immediately arose regarding the state of the Milan fashion scene. One of the most debated topics is undoubtedly “quiet luxury,” which was theorized on TikTok with 35 billion views. This concept celebrates a hidden wealth, comprised of clothing, jackets, and sweaters bearing the names of luxury brands like Loro Piana, Brunello Cuccinelli, and Bottega Veneta, in contrast to the logomania trend. TV series like Succession, The White Lotus, films like 007, and The Triangle of Sadness have all played a role in popularizing this trend, breaking through into popular culture. But now, we wonder, will this aesthetic continue to thrive, or are we beginning to lose faith in it?

On the other hand, according to Tiana Randall in The Cut, the concept of quiet luxury is not new. Since 1842, with the invention of the sewing machine, the middle class has strived to elevate its style by imitating the wardrobe of the upper class without flaunting excessive wealth, instead focusing on craftsmanship. Today, part of the allure associated with quiet luxury lies in the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and heritage, emphasizing intrinsic value over the superficiality of logos.

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In March 2023, Gwyneth Paltrow appeared in court, seeking a symbolic $1 in compensation for a skiing accident that occurred in Utah in 2016. Some have said that her testimony was the best-acted role by the actress – now a beauty mogul – in the past ten years. For us, it was also due to her outfits, embodying the concept of quiet luxury. Loro Piana (dubbed the “Uniqlo of billionaires” by The Guardian), The Row, Prada, and her soft power dressing took center stage.

It all seems to come back to Succession, the series that fully embodies the concept of quiet luxury. Instagram profiles like @successionfashion showcase all the most impactful pieces featured in the series. From J.Crew coats to Prada glasses and Tom Ford and Emporio Armani jackets, the styling in this project seems to adhere to characters all part of a tremendously wealthy family in search of an heir to lead Waystar RoyCo. We had previously discussed Brian Cox, who became the face of Kith‘s Fall 2023 advertising campaign.

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Not only Succession, but prior to this series, films like Parasite, The Triangle of Sadness, or the iconic 007 have fueled the engine of quiet luxury. The references are endless, and we also found it at Milan Fashion Week with Gucci – featuring Sabato De Sarno‘s debut – Fendi, and Bottega Veneta. Randall, in The Cut, reports Brenda Weischer‘s reflection, who finds it curious how, alongside the “eat the rich” mentality, this trend emerged alongside the allure of old money aesthetics. All of this prompts us to reflect on the longevity and the future prospects of this trend, especially in a historical moment where economic inequalities are on the rise.

Stylequiet luxurytrendtrends
Written by Anna Frattini
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