Short video for Breakfast – Rapunzel, there are no more the old time princesses

6 February 2019

Forget the classic princesses to save from dangers and monsters, times change and even fairy tales, as in the video Rapunzel by Juan Pablo Machado.

Born in 1993, Juan Pablo Machado is a very young animator from Colombia who studies animation at Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon. In his video entitled Rapunzel seems to revisit in a modern key a character who accompanied the childhood of each of us, Rapunzel.

It is now customary to think of princesses as helpless characters, to be saved and who desperately need a knight. Juan upsets this universe by presenting a Rapunzel that is absolutely independent, indeed, fights anyone who tries to save her.

While the princess shows herself to be a fighter, her long hair turns out to be her fiercest weapon, the surprise effect that no one imagines and you know one thing, I like this version much more. You?

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