Reservoir, the installation that collects rainwater

2 May 2019

Hidden in the woods of Trentino, in Italy, Reservoir, the site-specific installation by John Grade is made of glass, wood and rain.

John Grade, an American artist we had the pleasure of talking about earlier here, has placed his latest installation Reservoir inside the Parco di Arte Sella in Borgo Valsugana. The work consists of five thousand droplet shaped ampoules, each of which is delicately attached to translucent nets, supported by tree trunks.

The artist has explained that:

“I became most interested in the way rain falls through this grove of trees, the canopy delaying the droplet’s journey to the ground as well as how quiet and sheltered the forest was during a heavy rain”.

The installation is built with thermoformed plastic parts and steam-bent Alaska cedar strips: each droplet is attached to fishing line nets which are then incorporated with stainless steel rings to maintain tension and support the tree trunks above the structure.

The shape of the containers is given by casts of hands placed in a cup, when the rain falls or the snow settles, the water accumulates inside the transparent bags of Reservoir, giving them the shape of a drop.

Reservoir, l'installazione che raccoglie l'acqua piovana |


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