Art Rorschach, the irreverent installation by CJ Hendry

Rorschach, the irreverent installation by CJ Hendry

Claudia Fuggetti
Rorschach, l'irriverente installazione di CJ Hendry |

Rorschach is the name of the new work signed by the Australian artist CJ Hendry, which has been compared by many, both for the atmosphere and for the type of installation to “a psychiatric ward that imitates the Wonderland”.

In fact, huge inflatable walls are very reminiscent of games in amusement parks, while the etymology of the name Rorschach is found in the psychological test that analyzes patients through their perception of ink stains and analyzes the salient traits of the personality.

The work has been exhibited at a 279 square metre warehouse in Dumbo, a district of New York City: the particular setting suggests the imaginary interior of a psychiatric hospital. The warehouse space has been set up with soft white floors and walls, reminiscent of the padded walls of hospital rooms in asylums.

Inside the inflatable labyrinth, visitors find themselves in front of Hendry‘s revisitation of the Rorschach, confronted with a series of hyper-real colors drawings also called “squish paintings”.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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