Photography Salento death valley, a project by Gabriele Albergo

Salento death valley, a project by Gabriele Albergo

Claudia Fuggetti
Salento death valley, il progetto di Gabriele Albergo | 1

Salento death valley was born for fun, it’s not a real project, it’s the name that the photographer Gabriele Albergo uses on Instagram. The word Death Valley contains an attitude and cultural and artistic references to American landscape photography and to the cinema of directors such as David Linch or the Cohen brothers.

His gaze was also influenced by the Italian cinema of the 70s and by neo-realism. Gabriele also combined a subtitle with his work, which he explains:

“The subtitle is a black diary of the most beloved Italian peninsula, a dark diary of the brightest peninsula most loved by Italians”.

His project contains remarkable aesthetic care that enhances the narrative of the landscape, marked by suggestive and significant scenes. Gabriele’s story of Salento differs from the purely classical or touristic imaginary, to show the public imaginary that wants to reinterpret the tradition and history of this territory:

“I’m often sarcastic and cynical towards what Salento is now, I don’t like the way it has taken shape, we were the periphery of the periphery, but in time we have become one of the most visited and coveted places in the world while retaining what wasour worst characteristics”.

Considering that we had to show only the best part, which is not even our work, but nature and everything else has been hidden, Gabriele goes in search of what has been removed because he believes that there is a need to bring it back to the surface and urgently reckon with it.

Follow Gabriele on his Instagram profile, which you will find here.

Salento death valley, il progetto di Gabriele Albergo | 1
Salento death valley è il nome del progetto fotografico di Gabiele Albergo che racconta un'altra faccia del Salento. Scopri adesso di che si tratta!
Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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