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The portraits of a single line by Salventius

Giulia Guido

Niels Kiené, better known as Salventius, is a Dutch artist who specializes in minimal and bare portraits. His technique, in fact, consists in drawing faces with a single long continuous line. Once the pen, marker or brush is placed on the surface anything can happen, the important thing is to never break the line. 

This method has two immediate effects that have become two characteristic elements of Salventius’ production. First, the moment of creation must, of necessity, be quick, transforming the action into a kind of performance. Proof of this are the dozens of videos with which Niels Kiené entertains his followers on Instagram. Then, this technique foresees and contemplates error: what many artists avoid, in Salventius’ works becomes a pivotal element. A mistake can open up unexplored paths and completely change the initial idea of the drawing, surprising both the viewer and the artist himself. 

Salventius’ success also lies in the fact that he never sets limits for himself. If in the beginning he created only on paper and canvas, now the available supports are infinite.
Today, the Dutch artist’s production includes light paintings, photographs, sculptures, digital and virtual reality artworks, and even sand drawings. Any surface can be the perfect place to create and, since Salventius doesn’t need any preparatory study, any moment is the right one too. 

Discover a selection of his work below, and follow him on Instagram so you don’t miss all the others. 

Artartdigital artportraits
Written by Giulia Guido
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