Art The Children’s Book Inspired by Phish

The Children’s Book Inspired by Phish

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Sam Taylor is a London-based illustrator who recently published All My Friends Reprise: Looking For Owls, a lively children’s adventure released by Banana Tree Books. This playful and surreal adventure is inspired by an American band, Phish, which originated in Burlington, Vermont, back in 1983. Elements of rock, jazz fusion, funk, and psychedelia also make their way into this children’s book.

With these premises, Taylor demonstrates his ability to merge two seemingly distant worlds – a progressive rock band and children’s literature. As he told Creative Boom, Taylor created the illustrations using pencil, pen, and paper, then added color digitally. He makes his mock-ups and layouts before starting the drawing process, «so I know I can include every element needed,» the illustrator continues.

The uniqueness of this children’s book clearly lies in its relationship with the world of music and its inspiration drawn from Phish. The number of characters and scenes may initially seem overwhelming, but upon viewing his drawings, one can enter a wonderfully fun and exploratory world. Detail by detail, in a chaos that captivates the reader.

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