Design The beautiful skyscraper by studio Hayri Atak for New York City

The beautiful skyscraper by studio Hayri Atak for New York City

Emanuele D'Angelo

It’s still a rendering but in our opinion, it’s already one of the most avant-garde and beautiful projects of recent years.
We’re talking about the latest project from architecture and design firm Hayri Atak entitled “Sarcostyle Tower”, a beautiful skyscraper that could rise in New York.

The first question that each of us asks is: what is special about yet another skyscraper that will appear in the Big Apple?
Well, let’s satisfy your curiosity right away, translating into words the beauty of the project of the Hayri Atak studio.

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The element that surely makes this project unique and futuristic is definitely its shape. The “Sarcostyle Tower” seems to wrap and weave on itself. An amorphous shape that offers different interpretations, a changing perspective that changes depending on where you look at the skyscraper.

The shape also seems to create voids within the structure, a small optical illusion that makes the design of the “Sarcostyle Tower” even more magical.
Now let yourself be enchanted by the images of the latest spectacular that will give the New York skyline an extra pearl.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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