Style The 100% natural Jazz Court RFG in two new colorways

The 100% natural Jazz Court RFG in two new colorways

Andrea Tuzio

Saucony Originals unveils two new colorways for the Jazz Court RFG – Saucony’s most sustainable shoe ever – dark grey and green, achieved using only natural materials.

We have cotton, which takes many forms in particular in the canvas used for the upper and in the thread used for the side stitching; the jute, the sheep’s wool of the insole; rubber, which here is 100% from the milk of the Hevea tree; wood in the form of eucalyptus, has been spun to obtain the laces; gardenia flowers, beet juice, gall nut and mulberry leaves to naturally dye the sneaker.

The Jazz Court RFG is made using only natural and renewable materials and 0% plastic, representing a new step for Saucony towards the good of the planet while staying true to its history and aesthetic. 

The result of several years of work focused on innovation, Saucony’s signature style and sustainability. The Jazz Court RFG in fact has been designed and manufactured through a process designed to reduce energy and avoid the use of chemicals.

Saucony’s commitment to sustainability is constant and ongoing through a process of improvement by subtraction, starting with materials and ending with packaging, which fully reflects the entire history of the brand. 

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Written by Andrea Tuzio
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