Photography Scarlett Poppy Captures Unconventional Dreams

Scarlett Poppy Captures Unconventional Dreams

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In the lively coastal city of Brighton, United Kingdom, resides the young photographer Scarlett Poppy. As a model and artist, Scarlett has been making a name for herself with her dreamlike creations that transport viewers to ethereal dimensions. Through self-portraits and Polaroid photography, Scarlett Poppy’s work draws inspiration from unconventional sources, such as films and art that challenge societal norms and encourage viewers to step outside their comfort zones.

Scarlett Poppy‘s journey into the world of photography began at the young age of 16, and over the years, her work has evolved into a unique style, reflecting the multiple identities she portrays through her self-portraits. Scarlett thrives on a non-conformist approach to media, and at the core of her creations are ethereal settings that often feature the female form, with Scarlett herself as the subject. Within her images, various forms of femininity emerge, with clothing and the human body playing essential roles in accentuating the visual narratives she creates.

An interesting aspect of Scarlett’s photography is her mission to redefine the depiction of the naked body. In a world where sexualization is pervasive, she boldly addresses these norms, constantly pushing the boundaries of what art can achieve. The delicate and sensual quality of her images tries to arouse deeply personal emotions in every viewer, inviting them to connect with the deep stories that her photographs tell.

At the age of 22, Scarlett Poppy has already carved out a significant niche in the world of photography. Her primary focus on Polaroid and film photography, coupled with her mastery of the darkroom, makes her a true artist. She revels in the creative freedom that self-portraiture affords her, allowing intuition to guide her on photographic journeys that explore sensuality and emotion.

Scarlett Poppy will be part of Photography at Matalon Foundation in Milano from 22 to 24 September 2023.

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