Photography The Landscapes of Sebastian Bahr Captured in Analog

The Landscapes of Sebastian Bahr Captured in Analog Contributors

Stacks (2023) is one of the photos on display at the Liquida Photo Fest, and Sebastian Bahr is the photographer behind it. Bahr’s approach is highly traditional, so much so that it brought him back to his photographic career after a hiatus prompted by a reflection on the craftsmanship of the practice.

Stacks, 2023

Sebastian Bahr focuses on the unconventional documentation of landscapes and objects created by humans on film. His primary interest lies in foreign countries and cultures, of which he enjoys capturing the imprints and nature. His work reflects a fascinating blend of art and documentation, prompting reflection in his viewers through the use of extraordinary angles and image compositions. Light and shadow, along with the colors of negative film, are pervasive elements in his photographic work.

The use of mechanical analog equipment, handmade and exceptional in their technical complexity, gives his works a unique character and a particular aura that, according to him, cannot be captured by a digital camera. His preferred equipment includes a Hasselblad 500C/M medium format camera and a Leica MP 35mm camera.

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