Standard Dose the first CBD-based wellness experience

Standard Dose launches its CBD and plant based wellness experience in New York City in an all-pink, super-relaxing environment.

Standard Dose is committed to the pursuit of well-being through the natural benefits of CBD. She fixed the flag, opening up a three floors space in New York’s iconic NoMad neighborhood. The aim is to introduce different practices that aim at well-being and a deep understanding of one’s body through natural relaxation.

Among the services available there is also a tea bar serving herbal teas and personalized blends for detoxification, prevention, and healing. The walls are white and all the furniture is in wood and marble – wood for the base, marble for the top. In addition to a careful selection of products based on plants and CBD of the highest quality, Standard Dose offers daily yoga and meditation courses, educational workshops, and spa services, with the ability to book private and guided sessions.

The spaces are entirely painted in soft pink, some walls are tiled – the tiles are square, small in size and also pink and translucent. The spaces are spacious and airy, to the sides of which there are recesses in the wall that serve as bases for the display of products on sale. A majestic marble counter fills the main room, giving the final touch to a fine, elegant and relaxed aesthetic – what is needed for a service concept like this. Large arches divide rooms without doors. Modern style supplies are white, from chairs to washbasins to vases – in fact, there is a large number of plants around all spaces.

The relaxing path is further enriched with the installation of a therapeutic skylight CoeLux – a leading Italian company in the lighting sector – which visually reproduces the behavior of the earth’s atmosphere. It has been shown that it supports the processes of mental rest, reduces stress, increases the sense of comfort and emotional well-being and improves cognitive functions. A special feature of this room is the large cushions positioned on the floor like a seat. All you have to do is go and try all these wonderful services.

Standard Dose la prima esperienza wellness a base di CBD | 4

Text by Elisa Scotti


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