Photography Stateless, the photographic project by Gohar Dashti

Stateless, the photographic project by Gohar Dashti

Claudia Fuggetti
Stateless, il progetto fotografico di Gohar Dashti |

Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti, an artist we had the pleasure of talking about earlier here, focused her research on the visual representation of displacement, migration and conflict through conceptual images taken on Qeshm, an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf.

Through her photographic series Stateless and Iran, Untitled, the individual story becomes a collective tale that moves, involves and makes you reflect: the characters portrayed by Gohar face a journey in the desert taking with them the objects from everyday life, demolishing and rebuilding, with the hope of a better future. The concept of identity is reinforced by the fact that Stateless highlights the effects of social and political history on the Iranian conflict and the consequences of the Iran-Iraq war.

The most intense image of all is undoubtedly the one that sees a couple hugging around nothingness in the desert:

“Sky becomes the ceiling and mountains the walls of their new home; because nature is the only promising place that shelters these people, an eternal and everlasting refuge”.

The artist has devoted an important part of her work to the issue of political refugees, in order to induce the public to empathize with the subjects of these splendid and significant images.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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