Art The first images of the next film by Studio Ghibli
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The first images of the next film by Studio Ghibli

Giulia Guido

Studio Ghibli is also adapting to the times and possibilities offered by technology by presenting its first film entirely in computer graphics. “Aya and the Witch” is directed by Goro, son of studio co-founder Hayao Miyazaki.

The film’s story will follow the story of little Aya, an orphan daughter of a witch and adopted by another witch, who with the help of a talking cat will try in every way to escape.

With “Aya and the Witch”, Goro moves away from the classic Japanese studio animation, with a hand-drawn style, and relies completely on the computer. This decision has already raised many doubts for the audience fond of Studio Ghibli’s masterpieces, but the first images released give hope for another great success.

Moreover, “Aya and the Witch” is one of the four animated films selected for the Cannes Film Festival 2021.

The release date is still unknown, but the only certain news is that “Aya and the Witch” will be broadcast on Japanese TV next fall, which means that maybe we shouldn’t wait much longer to see it.

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Written by Giulia Guido
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