Style SUNNEI’s endless video game for FW20/21

SUNNEI’s endless video game for FW20/21

Andrea Tuzio

On the occasion of the launch of the Fall/Winter 2021/2021 collection, SUNNEI is back with the Canvas project bringing its 3D avatars in a video game, where the final goal does not exist and can be played endlessly.
This new digital project, this infinite video game, will be available for all smartphones and will be an unlimited adventure where the looks that players can choose for their avatar correspond to those of SUNNEI’s FW20/21 Canvas collection.
The video game will be launched on January 17th and to play it all you have to do is sign up at, the same day SUNNEI will be live on the platform of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana for the men’s fashion week with a video that explores the gestures of the act of playing.

To launch this mobile experience SUNNEI produced a teaser that explains what the ultimate goal of the format is, to let every member of the community have fun for themselves.
Written by Andrea Tuzio
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