Art The spontaneous and colorful art of Taylor Cox

The spontaneous and colorful art of Taylor Cox

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Taylor Cox is a young artist living and working in Atlanta where received her B.F.A in Drawing and Painting from Kennesaw State University in 2013.

Painting for her involves an incredible amount of building and piecing together. An intuitive, spontaneous process beginning with bright and optimistic color. Laying down layers each comprised of visual cues to places in her memories. The art she creates is spontaneous, optimistic and made from bright colors applied in layers Combining these elements creates a framework to which she build upon.

Another thing to know is that she loves so much the sea that it becomes the protagonist of her latest creations, perfect texture for the waves and two-dimensional spaces occupied even by small bathers.

Her works are in many Atlanta’s galleries, but for those who are not close to, there is still possible following it on her personal website.

Have a look below.

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