Top ten most heartwarming Christmas commercials

Giulia Guido · 4 years ago

Every Christmas we are bombarded by hundreds of Christmas commercials, television channels, brands, and associations give vent to all their creativity to give us advertising campaigns that warm the heart and, sometimes, even bring down some tears. We have collected the 10 commercials that we liked the most, you have at hand the handkerchiefs.

John Lewis & Partners – The Boy and The Piano

We have already talked a lot about the commercial of the English shop of household articles HERE, but in case you missed it we propose it again.
Following backward the career of the only and inimitable Elton John, the video shows how even a single gift can influence, change and inspire our choices of life, just as it happened to the famous singer when his grandmother gave him a piano as a child.

Sainsbury’s – The Big Night

Like every year, Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, moves us with a commercial that sees Michael Gracey, the director of The Greatest Showman, behind the camera.
What we see is a Christmas performance, an eight-year-old girl dressed like a star, with all the anxiety and shyness, that a girl of her age can have in front of the audience, starts singing You get what you give. After the first few flickering seconds the young singer unlocks and a huge cast of 59 children invading the stage. Each of them is dressed in a classic Christmas object, from the decorations to the Queen on TV, from the balls of the tree, up to the lights. Pay close attention to the child disguised as an electric plug, it will make you break with laughter.

Heathrow Airport – The Heathrow Bears Return

If you are one of those people who every year at Christmas think they leave to enjoy healthy relaxation and especially escape from lunches and dinners with relatives you have not seen in a year, the spot at Heathrow airport will make you change your mind.
The nice Edward and Doris Bair don’t take long to understand that being on holiday, at the beach in a warm place is nice, but spending Christmas at home, near the fireplace with friends and family is better.


In one of the Manor department stores something unusual happened, it seems that a child discovered Santa’s workshop and met one of the elves. What if he asks for a helper for Christmas too? It wouldn’t be very nice to be treated like a stuffed animal, thrown from one place to another, dragged on the ground and crushed at night, but, wait, maybe the little elf has the perfect solution!

ICRC – The One Gift Santa Can’t Deliver

Let’s give up all this euphoria for a moment to remind ourselves that if our homes are filled with the classic and comfortable Christmas atmosphere, thousands of people around the world not only do not celebrate Christmas, but they do not even have a home to live with and a family to stay with. For this reason, every year, the International Committee of the Red Cross works to bring together families separated by war. Sometimes the only gift some children want at Christmas is their family.

IKEA Italy – We are Meant To Change

IKEA could not help but invent something just wonderful. Two strangers are stuck in the elevator and, instead of being overcome with discomfort and space, with the help of all the furniture and furnishings of the Swedish giant they can turn the cold lift into a perfect living room in Christmas style. It only remains to be wondered if Santa Claus not only comes down from the chimneys but also descends through the wells of the elevators.

AMAZON – Can you feel it

Admit that in recent years you have also started to make gifts by ordering them online. Indeed, when it starts to get cold and the shops are full of people, finding gifts on the internet and buying them with a click is so tempting that at least once in a lifetime we have all done so and then when the package arrives, it brings with it a sea of happiness. If then the packages are from Amazon happiness is double, as in the Christmas spot where all the boxes, from the largest to the youngest, intone in a loud voice Can you feel it of The Jackson Five. I’m sure you’ll start singing too.

Apple – Share Your Gifts

Christmas can also be a time of significant change and important decisions, sometimes it can also give the courage to do something of which we have always been insecure.
The young protagonist of Apple’s animated short film is never satisfied with her work and if it wasn’t for chance, destiny, maybe no one would ever have seen it, but remember, if you have a gift you should share it.

KFC UK and Ireland

KFC takes just a minute, without words and without people to create a noteworthy commercial. The protagonists are two, a chicken and a turkey that, on the snow, challenge each other as if it were a western duel. Time stops, looks cross. Only one will win because Turkey comes and goes, but chicken’s here to stay.

Coca-Cola – Christmas Rules

To celebrate their 25th anniversary the polar bears of Coca-Cola are back in the Christmas spot and you will be surprised to know that the bears do nothing different from where we do it, from making the tree to making snowmen and to regain energy nothing surpasses a sip of Coca-Cola.

Top ten most heartwarming Christmas commercials
Top ten most heartwarming Christmas commercials
Top ten most heartwarming Christmas commercials
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