Thanksgiving: unforgettable scenes from the movies

Giulia Guido · 5 years ago

As Halloween, Thanksgiving is a festivity often celebrated in movies. After all, what better way to develop more or less intricate stories than the Thanksgiving dinner, which brings together friends, family, and relatives? Of course, unlike witches’ day, this is only celebrated in America and Canada, which is why the film scenes we selected are almost all US productions.

Addams Family Values

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what Thanksgiving is, how this holiday was born and why it is only celebrated overseas in The Addams 2 family the little Wednesday plays a Pocahontas, perhaps too rebellious soul, which can heal your every doubt, of course in classic Addams style.

Thanksgiving: le scene indimenticabili dei film! |

You’ve got the mail

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, Americans start cooking at dawn and pour into supermarkets to buy the last ingredients and pick up the famous turkeys that will then be filled to perfection. Shopping may seem the easiest part, but if you think you can pay with your card at the cash-only checkout, the mission may be more difficult than expected. It would be perfect to have a Tom Hanks as Joe Fox who pays for us.

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Hannah and her sisters

In Woody Allen’s imagination, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for family reunion. Hannah, Holly and Lee and the rest of the family meet at their parents’ house, where the intrigued family affairs and stories we have been following throughout the film finally come to an end.

Thanksgiving |

Still Alice

But Thanksgiving lunch or dinner is not always a moment of joy and light-heartedness, as in the 2014 film, which was worth an Oscar for Julianne Moore and caused us to shed rivers of tears. The most heart-rending and moving scene is the family dinner, during which the protagonist Alice Howland, sick of Alzheimer’s, struggles to remember the names of those present, including her daughter Lydia played by Kristen Stewart.

Thanksgiving |

Brokeback Mountain

Even for Ennis and Jack, Thanksgiving dinner is not an easy time. Heath Ledger as Ennis goes to dinner with his ex-wife Alma and her new husband to spend time with his daughters, but unfortunately, the evening ends with a discussion with Alma who has now realized that there is something more than a simple friendship between him and Jack. On the other hand, Jack/Jake Gyllenhaal’s dinner is not better either, as he finds himself discussing and insulting his wife Laureen’s father.

Thanksgiving |


We now come to my favorite Thanksgiving scene. Although he’s a superhero, Peter Parker also has to attend the usual family dinner. This part of the film, as well as perfectly representing the American tradition, is fundamental in the story because it is at the table that Norman/Goblin understands that Peter is Spider-man.

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If after these memorable movies and scenes you are still skeptical and think that you will never eat a stuffed turkey and that Thanksgiving should remain just an American festivity, well you are not the only ones who think so.

“But it was Thanksgiving.
It was what?

It was Thanksgiving.
Yeah, to you. But to me, it’s Thursday, right?”

Thanksgiving: le scene indimenticabili dei film! |

Thanksgiving: unforgettable scenes from the movies
Thanksgiving: unforgettable scenes from the movies
Thanksgiving: unforgettable scenes from the movies
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