Photography The Coincidence Project, Denis Cherim perfect timing

The Coincidence Project, Denis Cherim perfect timing

Giulia Pacciardi
The Coincidence Project, il tempismo di Denis Cherim | 4

It was the distant January of this year when I told you about a series of pictures made according to the famous motto “Two is better that one” (this is the article I’m talking about!) and after many months its author, Denis Cherim, is really hitting home again.

This time the magic word is timing, whose concept is expressed and photographed perfectly in his latest series, The Coincidence Project.

Travelling through Europe and simply observing everyday life, he has captured natural moments of perfect synchronism in an instant: from railings that continue on panoramic wheels to trees that complement each other with shadow games, it gives us a sense of beauty towards the ordinary that passes by us every day and that we often ignore.

The following pictures are a glimpse of what you can admire on his Instagram profile.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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