The Grinch first Official Trailer is finally out

9 March 2018

The production company Illumination Entertainment has released the first official trailer for The Grinch animated film, which will be released in italian cinemas on 29 November.

It will be released in Italian cinemas next November 29th, but to plunge us into his adorable world of hatred and contempt, Illumination Entertainment, the same production company of Despicable Me and Minion, released the first official trailer.

This is Dr. Seuss‘s most successful character who, after appearing on the big screen in a live-action version, is ready to back in cinemas in a new animated version.
He is the Grinch and is in very good shape.

He doesn’t seem to love Pharrell, especially his song Happy, which also seems quite understandable, continues to hate Christmas and all the trinkets that are part of it in the happy and noisy little town of Who-ville.

We just have to wait and hope, in the meantime, the release of other clips.

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