Art Going beyond the two-dimensional

Going beyond the two-dimensional

Trey Abdella does it in a creepy way
Giorgia Massari
trey abdella

The first to do so was perhaps Lucio Fontana with his Tagli. From there on, going beyond the two-dimensional canvas has been the prerogative of many artists, although in recent times painting seems to be retracing its steps. Little abstraction, much figurative. While there are those who remain faithful to tradition, there are those who appreciate the hybrid new wave that experiments by combining painting and sculpture. In short, a combination that winks at interaction and the wow effect pandering to the need for novelty and wonder that the new generation increasingly seeks. With this in mind, we want to mention the art of Trey Abdella – on Instagram @mysticfishstick – an American artist born in 1994 already known in Italy for his solo exhibitions at T293 in Rome. In his practice there are so many citations to American culture, particularly with references to cinema here exaggerated by a mixed technique in which the artist uses painting in relation to three-dimensionality and movement. But let us explain further.

Humor and criticism

To visit an exhibition by Trey Abdella is to find many oddities as well as many nostalgic elements of American culture related to the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, the quotationism mentioned above is the artist’s way of criticizing – albeit with a strong humor – American society. In the words of the T293 gallery, «Trey plays with the iconographic elements of the American way of life in order to shed light on the dark side of the culture of his homeland» and, even more, «the artist produces an x-ray of the country and focuses his attention on emphasizing the anxiety inherent in its culture.» He does all this by looking specifically at horror films, incorporating creepy elements such as pumpkins and witches and frequently resorting to the character Ghostface from Scream.

trey abdella

Can one speak to the new generation only with quotations?

In short, a quirky quest that we like a lot. Trey Abdella knows how to speak to his generation, understands their needs and language, managing to entertain but also to make them think. All this with a skillful awareness and a mind-blowing technique. The artist certainly does not lack inventiveness or even courage, which, in a world like contemporary art, always ready to criticize and turn up its nose, is needed a lot.

Courtesy Trey Abdella

Written by Giorgia Massari
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