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“Oh, Darling!”, the accidental destruction of a passion

Scrolling through the Instagram feed, following the news and checking out the posts of those who share our same passions is a common habit. We all do it almost every day. Then, if what we are passionate about and what we usually see on the phone screen becomes reality off the screen, then it’s a different matter.
Oh, Darling!” tells a story like this, the story of a man – Andy – who loses control in front of the species of his favourite animal and, from a simple ornithologist becomes a lovable and solitary vigilante.

Oh, Darling!” is the short film that Cornelius Joksch – a German director, designer and animator – made as a personal project between 2018 and 2020 using mainly Photoshop and After Effects. With defined, dynamic strokes and an original, virtuosic style, this short film tells of the accidental destruction of a passion.

Oh, Darling!” is a witty work, in the running for the 2021 edition of the Berlin Festival of Animation. Enjoy.


Design, Story, Animation: Cornelius Joksch
Music & Sound Design: John Poon
Additional Animation: Robert Löbel, Max Roof, Marcela Bustamante
Editing: Sophie Marsh


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“Oh, Darling!”, the accidental destruction of a passion