Any Creative Form | David Doran

Giulia Pacciardi

After Luca Barcellona, the second protagonist of Any Creative Form, the first docu-series produced by Studio and Loft Films is the award-winning illustrator based in Falmouth, David Doran.

Any Creative Form was created with the aim of investigating contemporary creative culture to fill a gap created by the new content distributors, strongly focused on another type of product.
Do you think that our project can become a starting point for brands, streaming platforms and entertainment giants?

Absolutely! There’s so much potential to have a concise focus in each video, with the length being around 5 minutes or so. This amount of time means that there can be a clear message being communicated – it’s a good amount of time to explore a concept without feeling rushed. 

Our documentary reveals a sense of calm, a spiritual balance, a dimension that seems to be very different from the chaotic dynamics of today’s world. Is everything true? How do you live your relationship with commissions and clients so far from your way of life?

Yes, everything is true. The video doesn’t show that life/deadlines can be stressful, but it is all a balance of putting everything into perspective and I think trying to explain this in a 5 minute video would be information overload. 

Illustration: David Doran
Production/Creative direction: Studio & Loft Films
Director: Daniel Fazio
Camera: Sam Gordon
Editing: Maisie Mok
Music by: Premium Beat & David Doran

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