HiBed is the smart Bed 2.0 by Hi-Interiors

20 August 2019

The second project of smart Bed by Hi-Interiors offers a 360-degree experience that goes from resting to enjoying a movie like the cinema.

Hi-Interiors recently announced the second edition of its HiBed smart bed. So if you’re lazy you’ll have an extra excuse not to go out on the weekend and enjoy all the comforts and technology that makes this special bed available to you. Unlike its predecessor HiCan, released in 2018, it has a more minimal structure. The design was designed by Italian architect Fabio Vinella.

Going into more detail, the bed has a number of features to envy anyone. The elegant and enveloping structure offers all kinds of options, such as a 4K projector that can be combined with a series of devices to watch movies on a 70-inch screen. The speakers are inserted directly into the bed frame to give a ‘multiplex experience to all effects, but can also be used to listen to music.

HiBed also has its own lighting system to enjoy a good book or ground guide for the night. In addition to the elements for enjoyment, this bed is connected to an app and offers individual statistics for monitoring sleep and health, monitors temperature, air quality and body weight. In the morning, an intelligent audio alarm wakes the user up reciting the weather and news.

Hi-Interiors is a start-up, international in spirit but all Italian in heart, founded by two young entrepreneurs: Ivan and Gianni Tallarico. The idea behind Hi-Interiors is to bring to the world of design the disruptive force of the so-called “Internet of Things”, or interactive objects of the new generation that dialogue with the Internet. The Internet of Furniture is born.

HiBed is currently available for pre-order on the Hi-Interior website.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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