Any Creative Form | Luca Barcellona

Giulia Pacciardi

Any Creative Form is an original documentary series, produced by Studio and Loft Films.
Each episode of the series profiles leading exponent of contemporary creative culture.
The protagonist of the first episode of the first season is Luca Barcellona, the most famous Italian calligrapher, and lettering artist.

Any Creative Form was created with the aim of investigating contemporary creative culture to fill a gap created by the new content distributors, strongly focused on another type of product.
Do you think that our project can become a starting point for brands, streaming platforms, and entertainment giants?

I don’t know the dynamics you talk about very closely: I spend a lot of time at the drawing board, traveling to the workshops and managing my work. I see, on the various mainstream platforms, only the result, nice and tucked, of the artists’ work. When this trend is reversed, they are often niche contexts. I know fantastic artists who communicate their work in a cryptic way. They don’t write and don’t divulge their ideas, but only what they do. But then you can’t be surprised if people don’t understand it. It doesn’t have to be done on social networks, I mean, I do it in books, for example, or in interviews. Sometimes an almost snobbish image of these people comes out, even if they are not, maybe it’s a choice in some cases, but if people don’t code what you do, they can’t understand it, or they can only access it superficially. Doing a good “cultural job”, as Bianciardi said, also means having the patience and humility to explain what you do with an accessible language. Any attempt to explain the creative processes to a wide audience, I think is good for everyone, in the field of cultural production.

What are the sets of your work you hope have been captured by the public after viewing our docu?

I hope people understand that behind a simple design made of letters, there is a philosophy, a history, and people who have chosen to elevate and spread a discipline that otherwise would be lost. I think I started this path in the most difficult time for calligraphy, the ’90s, with computers that entered all homes. Fortunately, time is showing that there is room for these things. You have to believe in it a lot and keep going.

You are the protagonist of the first episode of the first season of Any Creative Form, who do you think should be the one of season two?

Someone who can fascinate me by telling his story, who can take me into his complex world with simple words. One like Zamoc!

Calligraphy: Luca Barcellona
Production/Creative direction: Studio & Loft Films
Director: Daniel Fazio
Camera Assistant: Daniel Coffaro
Editing e Motion Graphics: Stefano Ferron
Music by: Luca Barcellona


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