Backseat Driver, the perfect psychological short film

Giulia Guido
backseat driver |

Developing a story from start to finish in a one-and-a-half or two-hour film is not easy, but feasible. Doing it in eight minutes seems like an impossible task, but someone who managed to do it is there and his name is Rich Peppiatt. Rich, an internationally acclaimed writer and director, leaves us all unsettled with the dramatic short film Backseat Driver.

There are only two characters, a banker and his driver, in the streets of a London that has not yet woken up. The usual car journey from home to work turns into a moment of venting, in which the driver shares all his frustration against society, capitalism, and people like the banker, profiteers and seeking money. As the tones warm up, the tension becomes more and more palpable and the car goes faster and faster, we already think we know how it will end.

Rich Peppiatt has in mind a whole other ending, completely different from ours, which raise this short to a masterpiece.

Here you find the trailer, the entire short film you find HERE and I suggest you watch it!

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