Daddy, Christian Coppola’s short film

Giulia Guido

Dylan Sprouse, after a long break from acting, returns to the scene with Daddy: a movie lasting less than twenty minutes directed by Christian Coppola. The young director, not an immediate family member of Francis and Sophia, decided to stage the complexity of interpersonal relationships through an elegant and authentic style. 

It’s the wedding anniversary of Mr. Smith (Ron Rifkin) and his deceased wife. In order to deal with that event, the eighty years old man hires a male escort (Dylan Sprouse) with whom he has dinner, dances and gets rid of a suspicion that had always belonged to him. Sweetness and compassion frame the real protagonist of this short-film: the complexity which distinguishes all of us. 

The aim of the director, as well as the actors, is to communicate the many human being’s shades because this is how we are: complicated. “There’s something really beautiful that lies in the ambiguity of how a human being operates and moves in the world. The wide spectrum that exists of what people’s needs are, and what constitutes a romantic connection” claims Sprouse. 

It’s a truth expressed in eighteen minutes. Disarming, touching and complex: this represents how reality is, and this is Daddy. 


Article by Cobie

Written by Giulia Guido
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