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Back To Wild, the new animated short film by WWF

2020 is coming to an end. What a strange year, isn’t it? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to tell your grandchildren about it? If that’s a question you’ve never asked yourself, WWF‘s new Back To Wild campaign will give you a possible picture of the future.

2020 was an unhappy, difficult and tragic year, full of challenges, distance and loss. COVID-19 forced many to separate from friends and family, imposed inhumane rules and worsened living conditions for all. The pandemic ushered a new global, social and economic crisis, we were deprived of our freedom and realized its importance too late.
If we think about the past we always find some confidence, but if we look to the future we realize that there may never be a limit to the worst. So, is there a solution for this?

WWF tries to give us hope with Back To Wild, the new campaign created by Lung Animation, a South African animation studio based in Cape Town. Imagining the future tale of a grandmother to her grandchild, WWF move everyone’s conscience, explain the current environmental crisis and urge everyone to change.

COVID-19 is the consequence of the relentless destruction of the animal world, the fragmentation of natural environments and is the price to be paid for the over-exploitation of the planet’s resources. The only remedy for the future is to change behavior in the present: we must try to go back to the wild, respect nature, protect wildlife, forests and oceans. We need to make the Planet free, healthy and wild, start respecting and preserving it.

The Back To Wild animated spot accompanies the For Nature For Us fundraising campaign. Get informed, watch the short film and share it with everyone using the hashtag #4Nature4Us.


Words by Federica Cimorelli

Back To Wild, the new animated short film by WWF