“Lonely This Christmas”, a solitary party

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It’ll be lonely this Christmas / Without you to hold / It’ll be lonely this Christmas / Lonely and cold”, that’s what the famous British glam rock band Mud sang in 1974. Today no other song can be considered more current, in fact, this year spending Christmas alone will be much more common than usual.

So, in such a bizarre context and with the Christmas season approaching, the British director and animator Laura Jayne has resumed the historic Mud song and recreated its video clip. Using old analog photos and distinguishing each frame with her unique and recognizable style, Laura gave a new look to “Lonely This Christmas” and meanwhile kept Christmas traditions intact.

Created for RHINO, one of the biggest music catalogs in the world, the evergreen by Mud, which has always been at the top of the charts in Holland and Belgium, changes face, renews itself and acquires a new meaning for everyone.

Merry Christmas, darling, wherever you are

Listen to Mud’s song here and watch Laura Jayne’s video clip!

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Collater.al Contributors
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