Désir de Contemplation, what are you willing to do for what you desire?

Giulia Guido
Désir de Contemplation

And you, just how far are you willing to go for this painting? asks a man to another man as they contemplate a painting on display in an art gallery.
This is how Désir de Contemplation starts, the short film made by César Luton during his third year at MoPA, the French computer graphics school. The task was to make a one-minute short film telling a story and demonstrating the ability to use animation and 3D graphics programs such as Blender. 

The result is a fast-paced montage of scenes that form a thriller story that leaves us speechless in just 60 seconds.
To find out what the two characters are willing to do for the painting, watch Désir de Contemplation to the end. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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