Egg McMuffin, what happens if a graphic designer makes McDonald’s sandwiches?

Giulia Guido
egg mcmuffin |

The new trend of the web seems to be the so-called “satisfying videos” – in English you can find them under the tags of “oddly satisfying” or “most satisfying video” – or short films that can give a feeling of visual satisfaction, a sort of ASMR video for eyes.

Riding the wave, when McDonald’s France commissioned Matthieu Braccini to create the new campaign for the launch of the breakfast menu, the graphic designer immediately thought about this new fashion.

Thus, in collaboration with TBWA\Paris, Egg McMuffin was born, a short format of 15 GIFs all linked to the preparation of the latest addition to the French McDonald’s menu. Between two slices of toasted muffins, an egg, cheese, and crispy bacon gently rest.

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Written by Giulia Guido
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