The Absence of Eddy Table, when what attracts us destroys us

Giulia Guido
The Absence of Eddy Table |

Have you ever been irretrievably drawn to something while knowing its evil nature? In the animated short film The Absence of Eddy Table, Rune Spaans tries to shape this feeling.

The protagonist is inspired by one of the famous characters born from the mind of the cartoonist Dave Cooper, namely Eddy Table who in this case finds himself in a forest, attracted by a small white light, a spirit, which will lead him to meet another complex and mysterious character with whom he seems to fall in love and fall in love. Surrounded by a world and feminine and seductive creatures, Eddy Table will soon understand that the being who can not stop following has a double nature, a disturbing side that will lead him to change himself.

Written by Giulia Guido
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