“Family First”, a guy split in half

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A few years ago, on Collater.al, we talked about Marco Mucing and his work halfway between direction and videomaking. Today we come back to him to tell about his last short film called Family First.

Family First tells the story of Marco, a young skater from Milan divided between an apparently perfect life and the search of his own identity. His is a double and shared story about identity, belonging, diversity and inclusion.
Family First is a journey through the skyline of Milan and a universal picture of the world of young adults in constant search of themselves.

This short film is an extraordinary example of independent cinema.
Check it out.


Produced by Marco Mucig
Starring: Paolo Skhroba, Eva Lavigna, Ludovico Girardello, Laura De Biasi
Cinematorgaphy: Edoardo Emanuele
Art Director: Andrea Cippo Rosso
Music: Furthereset, Populous, L I M
Production coordinator: Zelda Andreoli
1st Assistant Director: Andrea Colzani
Casting Director: Andrea Cippo Rosso, Valentina Materiale
Costume Designer: Simona Marchini
Editor: Marco Ferrara
VFX Artist: Roberto D’Ippolito
Colourist: Orash Rahnema
Sound Post Production: Lorenzo Dal Ri
Sound Design: Dario Moroldo
Poster design: Federico Albertini 


Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Collater.al Contributors
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