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“The Bill Jennings Mysteries”, a man of extraordinary powers

The Bill Jennings Mysteries is the latest extraordinary short film directed and animated by the American motion designer Alan Jeggings. It tells a seemingly ordinary story about a common man from Newbury – a small town in Vermont – who loves to buy hats, go to church every Sunday, cook, listen to music and travel.

With Alan’s artistic taste and style, the story turns into something unique. Bill becomes much more: an artist, a collector, a cook with an excellent taste, a good musical ear, a careful companion and a good friend.

“A man of unique thoughts and powers”

This short film reminds us that everyone has a story to tell and that no matter how ordinary it looks, for someone it is remarkable and precious.

The Bill Jennings Mysteries received a special mention for the Best Portrait at the Rising of Lusitania – AnimaDoc Film Festival (Poland, 2020). Watch it here.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

“The Bill Jennings Mysteries”, a man of extraordinary powers