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Fear of Flying, when fear stops us

Made in 2012 by Conor Finnegan, “Fear of Flying” is one of those short films that have withstood the test of time and still turn up from time to time. So, although not brand new, we decided to include it in our selection. 

The main character is Dougal, a little bird with a fear of flying. His life is obviously defined by this fear and while all the other birds fly to warmer destinations in winter, he is forced to stay at home in his snow-covered home.
Perhaps his love for Lucy, a bird he meets by chance, will give him the strength to flap his wings and join her in a tropical paradise, but fear wins out over this too. Dougal does not give up and finds a way to reunite with her. 

In the end, with his paws in the white sand, the fear of flying is not conquered, and not only that… watch the short film to the end to discover how life always puts you to the test. 

Fear of Flying, when fear stops us