SATELLIKE, a moving colours orchestra

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They look like satellite images of an unknown planet, uncontaminated, natural and colourful scenery, streams of water that connect with each other without obstacles, but they are Roman De Giuli‘s incredible artificial reproductions.
SATELLIKE is the name of his latest experimental creation initiated in an exhibition on Taiwan’s cultural treasures for the National Palace Museum in Taipeh.

Using inks, sands, powders and coloured pigments, Roman De Giuli has created personal video interpretations of Asian art scenes. His high-definition films capture tiny work areas and transform them into huge reproduction scales.

SATELLIKE studies organic models, their behaviour and movements. It is a mesmerising short film which, together with the accompanying music, becomes an extremely realistic and exciting work of art.
To the tune of Tristan Barton‘s “The Watch“, this short film is an experimental project with enormous narrative potential.

Enjoy your viewing.


Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Contributors
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