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Martin Scorsese and the short shot during lockdown

Martin Scorsese made a short film for the BBC taking us to his home during Lockdown and reflecting on the effects of isolation.

For the entire lockdown period, the BBC integrated the show Lockdown Culture With Mary Beard into its program schedule, in which the famous English writer spoke and interviewed various personalities from the music, show business and beyond about the period we experienced. There were many episodes worthy of note, but not like the final one. The BBC asked the award-winning director to make a short film with lockdown as its central theme.

So, Martin Scorsese turned on the camera on his smartphone and welcomed us into his studio and, between one scene and another of Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man, told us about his quarantine, his thoughts and reflections.

While the director looks into the camera and tells us that this period made him feel alive and led him to reflect on the really important things, the essentials in our lives, the black and white images of Hitchcock’s film fit perfectly into the speech.

Some might say it’s a simple home movie, others would call it a masterpiece.

Martin Scorsese and the short shot during lockdown