Marymango, the stop motion video by Stefano Colferai for Ghali

Giulia Pacciardi

A few days ago on Ghali‘s Youtube channel appeared the video of Marymango, one of the most listened singles of his second album DNA, thanks also to the presence of the rapper loved by the very young Tha Supreme.

The video, entirely made in stop motion and plasticine, is the work of another young Italian artist who has been working with these means for years, Stefano Colferai, who for the occasion had to deal with new realities such as writing the storyboard and directing an entire music video.

“It was a long and adventurous project that originated in the first weeks of February, just before the release of the album DNA. Ghali wrote to me saying he had a track I could work on and in Dm he sent me Marymango. From that moment on I started to focus on developing a story that could hold the three minutes, go hand in hand with the rhythm of the song and keep the attention high with animation at the height of the piece”.

Stefano tells us, before explaining the journey of Ghali and Tha Supreme that we let you see here.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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