My Motherfunky Musical Mashup, a cinema to the rhythm of music

Giulia Guido
My Motherfunky Musical Mashup |

December 12, 1866, is the day that the musical was established to be born, precisely when the opera The Black Crook was staged at Niblo’s Garden, a New York theater on Broadway.

But, the transition from stage to the big screen will take place more than sixty years later, precisely in 1929, when “The Broadway Melody” by Harry Beaumont was released in theaters.

Since then, the musical has become a real cinematic macro genre in which millions of dollars are invested and in which, at least once, almost all the great Hollywood actors are involved.

Some films have not only made the history of cinema but are milestones in our lives, such as Grease or The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Today’s video entitled My Motherfunky Musical Mashup is a mix of some of the unforgettable musicals, all to the rhythm of They Don’t Want Music by The Black Eyed Peas ft. James Brown.

Try not to dance. 

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