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Nike restarts with the campaign You Can’t Stop Us

On May 30, Nike launched its UntilWeAllWin campaign under the slogan “For Once, Don’t Do It”, urging athletes around the world to stay at home and follow government guidelines. Yesterday, coinciding with the restart of the NBA, Nike wanted to let everyone know that it is ready to start again and it did so with the You Can’t Stop Us commercial.

The one-minute video has already traveled around the world, surpassing 5 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, and is a celebration of all sports and all athletes.

The message is clear, you can’t stop sport because you can’t stop us, and what underlines this are the images of 24 different disciplines that come together following the movements of the athletes and the words of Megan Rapinoe.



Nike restarts with the campaign You Can’t Stop Us