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“Room with a Sea View”, the haunting effects of a love affair

Room with a Sea View” is an animated short film from 2020, made through the collaboration of the animation department of the Estonian Academy of Arts and Russian director and designer Leonid Shmelkov. It is a simple and unpredictable film that brings together a sleepless worker, nudism, carnage and billiards.

To put it bluntly, the plot is not very clear, but you only have to watch the first few scenes to be totally swallowed up by the story. Herbert is the main character, an ordinary man devoted to his work who suddenly falls in love with the owner of the flower shop below his house.
When Herbert enters his new flat, the first thing he thinks of is that the building opposite is blocking his view of the sea, but what he will have to struggle with within those four walls will be far more poignant. Love, insomnia and madness will overwhelm the protagonist in a journey of obsessive passion tinged with green and red and tormented by desires, thoughts and anxieties.

Room with a Sea View” uses surreal and extreme imagery to portray the pitfalls of life, it is a sobering interrogation of a man and his inner feelings of inability and inadequacy.

“Room with a Sea View”, the haunting effects of a love affair